Which divorce service do I need?

Do you know the exact location of your spouse?

Do you and your spouse have any money, property, business or debts to divide?

Hint: Property includes but is not limited to vehicles, bank accounts, real property, savings, pension funds, etc.

Will you or your spouse ask for spousal or child support?

Will you and your spouse sign an agreement that both parties will have no financial ties after the divorce?

Hint: Please note that divorce itself will not end your financial ties. If no additional agreement is signed, your spouse will reserve the right to make a financial claim against you in future (for example, claim for spousal support or pension entitlement).

Online Divorce in Scotland
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Getting a Quick Divorce in Scotland in Just 3 Steps

Checking if a DIY divorce in Scotland works for you

A decision to end a marriage is usually the one not made easily. We want to make sure our company will only make it simpler for you to go through the hard times. Therefore, when you choose OnlineDivorcer.co.uk to assist you with a divorce in Scotland, we will try to help you to the best of our abilities. To do this, we will ask a few short questions that will tell us more about your situation. If it is hard to conclude whether our help would be sufficient, our representatives will contact you to make a few clarifications. If we are good to go, you will be able to automatically proceed to step 2.


Completing the questionnaire

In order for us to provide you with a personalized package of legal forms, we would first ask you to answer a set of simple questions. Note that it would be nothing like filling in the divorce documents as we have made sure that our questionnaire takes less time to go through and is much more comprehensible. Moreover, our experts have added useful hints in order to ensure you do not face any difficulties providing answers. If it so happens that you find it a bit hard to answer, our Support Team would be glad to provide you with some helpful explanations.


Getting your forms and filing for divorce in Scotland

Upon the submission of the answers, you will be able to choose the extras to your liking and the delivery time that suits you best. Additionally, we want to make sure that once you get your legal forms, you know exactly what your next steps will be. This is why we will provide you with the document outlining how to file the divorce papers in Scotland and what to expect from the events to come. With such a guide on your hands and a full set of legal forms, the divorce process will surely be smooth and trouble-free.


Why is OnlineDivorcer.co.uk your Best Option for DIY divorce in Scotland?

Cheapest divorce solution on the market

Guaranteed results

Quick and efficient

Experienced team of professionals

No knowledge of Scottish divorce law needed

Covers all amicable cases

Detailed instructions outlining divorce process in Scotland

Full set of divorce documents

Customer support available 24/7

Results of Our Solutions for Over a Decade
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12+ years of work
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What are the Grounds for Divorce in Scotland?

If you have decided to file for divorce online in Scotland or are just considering the option, it is important to understand what grounds you will do it on:

  • Adultery
    Also known as cheating. It is usually quite hard to prove unless the other spouse confirms such actions.
  • Unreasonable behavior
    This term is rather hard to define as what is unreasonable for some might not be the same for others. What might be implied includes different forms of abuse, excessive alcohol intake, and disagreements regarding marital relations.
  • Irretrievable breakdown
    Here, only two options are possible. Either a couple is in agreement that their marriage has come to an end and they have been separated for at least a year, or there is no consensus on the matter and the spouses have been living separately for at least two years.

Although the “irretrievable breakdown” option might seem like a long wait, it would be easier for the court to believe that you had enough time to think your decision over and that the likelihood of reconciliation is extremely low. Additionally, if you want to have a quick divorce in Scotland and do not want to wait for more time than necessary, reaching an agreement with your spouse is an absolute must. Making your case undefended and amicable will put less strain on your mental state, your family relationships, and your finances. Besides, you will have an option of using services providing help with online divorce in Scotland, which will help you cut the costs by thousands of pounds.

Learning if You Qualify for a Simplified Divorce in Scotland

A simplified or quickie divorce in Scotland is a preferred option of many spouses looking to end their marriage. Here are some of the main requirements which will help you understand if this type of divorce is for you:

  1. You should have no minor children (under 16).
  2. You should be separated for at least 1 year if both you and your spouse agree to a divorce. If either you or your partner disagrees, the separation period should be 2 years.
  3. There should be no financial matters to resolve.
  4. Neither you nor your spouse can have mental illnesses that may potentially impact the way the daily affairs are managed.
  5. There can be no active court cases that may lead to the end of your marriage.

IMPORTANT: you and your spouse should both reside in Scotland. Also, you have to live at your current address for at least 40 days before you file. If your case checks all the boxes, you qualify for a quick online divorce in Scotland.

Pros of Getting a Divorce in Scotland with OnlineDivorcer.co.uk

Up-to-date legal forms that are 100% legal

We constantly check legal updates to provide you with documents that will be approved by the court.

£49 for a full divorce package

The complexity of your undefended case has no influence on the price. Therefore, having 5 houses or 10 kids will not change how much you pay.

Simple questionnaire with hints

We made sure each question is easy to understand and answer. No legal knowledge required.

Ready-to-be-signed forms

The documents you receive will already be filled out. Just put your signature on them and you are ready to go.

Detailed filing instructions

There is no need to guess what to do next. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to file.

Strict confidentiality

There is no need to worry about privacy. Your information is fully secure with us.

Forms covering children

We want to make sure that simple divorce in Scotland is available to all spouses. Therefore, if you have kids, we will provide you with the respective documents.

24/7 support

No need to wait till Monday or till the morning to ask your question. We are always here and ready to help.

What is the Average Cost of Divorce in Scotland?

In Scotland, divorce costs vary significantly depending on each individual case. Moreover, there is a huge price gap between the options offered on the divorce market. Once you decide to end your marriage, you will have to make a choice between two main variants:

1. Getting help from a solicitor

When it comes to resolving legal matters of any kind, people tend to believe that hiring a lawyer is the best and only option. Solicitors are indeed necessary for divorces where spouses cannot find a common ground. Such cases are usually complex, take a long time, and require huge financial contributions. Spending years and tens of thousands of pounds on them is not unheard of.

On the other hand, when it comes to undefended divorces, there is not much a solicitor can do in terms of helping people reach decisions as they have already made up their minds on how to divide the property, arrange childcare, and so on. While it might sound convenient that there will be a knowledgeable person fully responsible for a divorce, having to spend around £3,000 is not everyone’s cup of tea. Additionally, making various arrangements to fit a few meetings with a solicitor into the schedule is not something most people look forward to.

2. Choosing services helping with Scottish divorce online

Trusting yourself with your own legal decisions takes a lot of courage, especially if you are no law expert. Therefore, when hearing about ways of getting divorce papers online in Scotland, people often shy away from them. They seem like a huge risk, while in reality, thousands of spouses use them each year. Moreover, services helping with divorce online in Scotland have long been on the market and earned the trust of their customers throughout the time.

It is important to note that companies like this, including OnlineDivorcer.co.uk, can only help couples that are in agreement regarding their divorce. Therefore, if you and your spouse are willing to end your marriage amicably, you may save more than £2,500 in solicitor’s fees by using our online service. This is not just about getting a cheap divorce in Scotland – it is about giving yourself freedom to get your forms filled out at any time and place you find suitable and convenient. Besides, you will not have to worry about the next steps that should be taken as they will be clearly outlined in the set of instructions we will provide you with absolutely free of charge.

Inspiring Feedback from Our Clients

Scott M.

Amazing service and a very simple process. Just paid, submitted my answers, and got the forms. Great value for such a small price.

Skye T.

I’m very satisfied. Came here after a solicitor quoted me £2,750 and got all the same forms for just £49!

Brodie S.

Pure dead brilliant!

Oliver C.

Used this service because my coworker told me it helped her. The only thing is I thought I’d get though the questions faster. I’m still pleased with what I got and I’m finished with my divorce now.

Lily P.

Heard from a friend that you can do divorce online and forms in Scotland can be bought for a pretty cheap price. I thought this was a joke but I read the reviews and gave it a go. Everything went well and I got my papers on time, so I highly recommend this site!

Noah S.

The instructions for filing were of significant help to say the least! Thank you so much!

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