Which divorce service do I need?

Do you know the exact location of your spouse?

Do you and your spouse have any money, property, business or debts to divide?

Hint: Property includes but is not limited to vehicles, bank accounts, real property, savings, pension funds, etc.

Will you or your spouse ask for spousal or child support?

Will you and your spouse sign an agreement that both parties will have no financial ties after the divorce?

Hint: Please note that divorce itself will not end your financial ties. If no additional agreement is signed, your spouse will reserve the right to make a financial claim against you in future (for example, claim for spousal support or pension entitlement).

Online Divorce
in Northern Ireland

Get a complete ready-to-sign divorce package
online starting from £199.

150,000+ Satisfied Clients

£750 Saving on Averages

100% Legal and Confidential


File for Divorce in Northern Ireland in 3 Simple Steps

Check if you qualify for online divorce services

First and foremost, we want to make sure we are the right service for you. Therefore, before you go through the questionnaire, we would ask you to spare 1 minute to answer a few short questions to understand if an online solution is what suits you best. While most of the couples coming to our website qualify for an online divorce in Northern Ireland, do not worry if you do not. In this case, our Support Team will give you a call to go over the available options based on the information that you indicate.


Provide answers to the questionnaire

When creating OnlineDivorcer.co.uk, our goal was to ensure that this service simplifies the divorce process for all spouses choosing to end their marriage amicably. By employing a professional team of legal form experts, we have come up with a brief yet comprehensive questionnaire that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. However, there is no rush to finish it, so feel free to take it at any time and place it is convenient for you. Moreover, there will be hints for most of the questions to help and guide you in the process so that you know exactly how to answer.


Download and file your legal forms

After you submit your answers and choose the deadline for receiving your forms, you will also be able to pick the delivery options. Once you get your documents, we would ask you to go through them to ensure that the personal information you have provided us with was accurate. Then, you will need to print and put your signature on every form. Please note that a full set of legal documents is not the only thing you will receive. As we want you to be covered every step of the way, we will also provide you with instructions on filing the divorce forms in Northern Ireland.


Why is OnlineDivorcer.co.uk the Best Choice for a DIY Divorce in Northern Ireland?

No solicitor needed

100% court approval

Easy to use

Best price on the market

No legal knowledge required

Free changes

24/7 customer support

All amicable cases covered

More than a decade of experience

Results of Our Solutions for Over a Decade
10 549 cases completed
12+ years of work
97.8% success rate

Getting a Quick Divorce in Northern Ireland with OnlineDivorcer.co.uk

Marriage breakup

The fastest way to divorce in Northern Ireland

When spouses come to a realization that their marriage is irretrievably broken, they often think that the first thing to do is search for a good solicitor. It often takes contacting a divorced family member or a friend to find one or reviewing the credentials of a few professionals in your area to make a choice. Then, you need to schedule meetings, take time off work, and spend thousands just to get the solicitor to help you end your marriage.

However, what most legal professionals will not tell you is that in amicable cases, their assistance is optional and there are alternative, cheaper ways to get divorced. If you are looking for an affordable and quick divorce in Northern Ireland, there is no better way to get your legal documents than online, from the comfort of your home, and at any time you decide you are ready to do it.

Photo of a broken heart

No need to know the Northern Ireland divorce law

A lot of people believe that it is absolutely necessary to have some level of legal knowledge when trying any DIY options. They tend to think that otherwise, hiring a lawyer would be a safer and faster way to get divorced. While having a solicitor help you is a must if you and your spouse have disagreements regarding your divorce proceedings, it’s not if you are in agreement.

Online divorce in Northern Ireland has long been an option of choice for thousands of couples in the country who want to save their time and money. Moreover, ordering online from services like Online Divorcer, customers know that they will both get their legal forms filled in and receive a guide on filing them. Therefore, no legal knowledge will be needed to finalize a legal breakup.

Facial expression on fingers during divorce

Step-by-step online solution

Deciding whether to divorce online in Northern Ireland, some couples fear they will misunderstand certain questions that are asked and receive no assistance with them whatsoever. Fortunately, not all online services are entirely DIY. Although Online Divorcer is a self-help tool, it does not mean you will not get any help at all. Unlike most other companies, we have a Customer Care Team available at all times if you have any questions.

That is, of course, if you do as our questionnaire is very intuitive and simple. Additionally, you will be guided by the hints under the questions you might find harder to answer, which is why it is highly likely you will not need any other help at all. Moreover, once you finish going through the questionnaire, you will receive your filled out legal forms and the instructions on what to do with them next. Therefore, even if your marriage was not simple, your divorce can still be.

Benefits of Getting Divorce Forms in Northern Ireland from Us:

100% legal

Our legal forms specialists ensure that each document provided to you conforms to the court standards.

No hidden fees

No matter how many children or real estate properties you have. We charge a flat fee for our service regardless of the case.

Brief and simple questionnaire

You don’t need to be a solicitor or hire one to pass our questionnaire successfully. We provide multiple useful hints to help you answer everything quickly and easily.

Forms ready to be signed

Just download, print, and sign your documents before you file. Yes, it is that simple!

Comprehensive filing instructions

No need to guess what to do when you get the forms. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on getting a divorce in Northern Ireland.

Confidentiality and privacy

The security of the personal information you provide us with is guaranteed at all times. We keep everything in full confidentiality.


We make sure couples with kids are fully covered. Therefore, your divorce package will include every child-related document needed during the divorce.

Round-the-clock support

Our team of Customer Support Agents is available 24/7 to make sure none of your questions remain unanswered. Feel free to contact us whenever you need any assistance.

What our Customers Think about Us:

Joanne M.

I have never thought I would use an online service for something like this but the price was just too good. Never had any regrets. I am divorced now and still have money to start my new life.

Callum W.

Me ex and I thought of starting the paperwork ourselves and it wasn’t going well to put it lightly. Solicitor said it would cost £3,000 and I wasn’t planning on selling me kidney anytime soon, so I found this site and they really helped. Already recommended it to me friend!

Rhys A.

excellent service and an amazing support team!

Kyle R.

I highly recommend this service! They proved their professionalism from the get go and helped me get through my divorce pretty easily.

Tracy E.

They don’t give legal advice which I think would be a good addition to their services but overall I got what I paid for.

Michelle T.

Great value for such a price. Got through the questionnaire pretty fast and my documents were ready in just a few days.

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