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3 Easy Steps to Get a Quick Divorce Online

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Through the years we have helped thousands of customers apply for divorce online. To end your marriage in England and Wales, you have to meet certain requirements and establish specific grounds. Thus, depending on your situation, our experts will prepare all the necessary documents and guides on how to file your divorce forms online. As we always try to ensure the best customer experience, we firstly ask you to answer several questions to make sure that you qualify.


Fill out an online questionnaire

Eliminate all the emotional drama and stress caused by attending courts hearings or waiting for the solicitors or their secretaries to contact you back. We have developed a solution for you to get all your divorce forms online from the comfort of your home. Just fill out our simple questionnaire and our experts will complete all required legal documents. There’s no need to hurry: you can use our divorce service in your own time.


Print, sign and file

Once our experts draft your papers, you will receive a notification through email. You will be able to sign in to your personal account and download all your divorce papers online along with detailed instructions on how to sign and file them. After printing them out and signing where indicated, you will be able to start the legal actions. No worries, you will also receive a step-by-step guide on how to apply and deal with all legal procedures.


Why is a Highly Trusted Online Divorce Service?

No solicitors are needed

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Full package of online divorce forms

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Why Choose

Marriage breakup

Quick online divorce

We know how stressful the life can be if you are in the midst of a divorce. Going through the relationship breakdown requires addressing emotional difficulties, and we are here to help you deal with the legal part of the proceedings. Our fast online divorce solution has helped thousands of customers receive their court-ready forms after spending less than 30 minutes on completing our easy-to-follow questionnaire.

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Best online divorce

You may have heard about other companies that provide efficient and hands-off ways to dissolve marriage. Well, some of them DO and some of them DON’T. We know many divorce websites that send you blank copies they simply downloaded from the web. Other companies handle the entire divorce but make you pay outrageously high prices. We found a better formula: Quick + Easy + Cheap =

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Cheap online divorce

The potential costs are leaving many people stuck in unhappy marriages. Such expenses may surpass £15,000 for UK couples, but we believe that ending marriage should not come with a heavy price tag. If you’re able to come to an agreement with your partner, you can turn for online divorce help and our experts will prepare all your documents within a very short deadline. Spend a penny, save a pound!

Documents for filing a divorce

Online Divorce Application – Do You Qualify?

Our document preparation service can used if:

  • Both parties are in agreement to the divorce
  • You have been married for at least 12 months
  • England or Wales is your permanent home
  • Your marriage has broken down and cannot be saved.

You can apply for legal divorce online or by post in case you have one of the following reasons (grounds):

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behavior (verbal abuse, physical violence, heavy drinking, etc.)
  3. Desertion – your spouse has left you more than 2 years ago
  4. You have been separated for at least 2 years and you both agree to divorce
  5. You have been separated for at least 5 years before applying – no consent is required.

Online Divorce Forms

We do not just provide the blanks – you can download them from government websites for free. We compile all legal documentation required by the court to help you save time and money. You can complete divorce online by filling out our simple and fully guided questionnaire.

Looking for Online Divorce Papers in the UK?

High street solicitors charge £100 per hour and if you hire them to take care of your documents, an average fee will be about $500 plus VAT. Our internet divorce website was designed to make the legal dissolution of marriage affordable for everyone throughout England and Wales. Do some penny-pinching and order our online solutions instead of using expensive solicitors.

Benefits of Getting a Cheap Divorce Online in the UK

All required documentation

You will receive all legal forms needed for your legal divorce.

No hidden fees

We charge a flat fee of £49 for our service regardless of the case.

Professional guidance

We provide detailed explanations on how to pass our questionnaire.

Sign and file

You will receive the court-ready forms. Check them through, sign and file.

Filing instructions

We provide you with a comprehensive list of instructions on how to apply.

Privacy & confidentiality

All your personal information is secure and completely removed after you’re divorced.


Our solutions can be used by partners with or without children.

24/7 support

Our call center is available 24/7. Call us or message in live chat anytime.

Customer Testimonials

Muhammed A.

Great customer service! Had to call them and they were very supportive and caring. Easy to use. Affordable.

Olivia W.

Never thought that my marriage would end up in searching for online divorce services. Anyway, I found this website and walked through the whole process with their help. I appreciate everything that the support guys did for me. Thanks a lot!

Lena L.

Well worth using. I was in a hurry and their experts revised all my errors. Thanks.

Ashleigh B.

Was looking for cheap divorces websites and found this one. A massive thanks for making everything so simple and painless. The court asked for several amendments as I did not answer the questions correctly and there was no problem from Online Divorcer’s end.

Sarah B.

Preparing my divorce online application was the best choice I’ve ever made. Took a lot of stress out ending my marriage. Some things were not clear to me and had to contact the support twice though.

Adam G.

Filled out my divorce online forms easily and quickly. All instructions they provided were accurate and I had no trouble completing their questionnaire. And the service is amazing – I could feel that they were really caring.

Roya C.

Expected all this to be emotionally draining but it turned out that internet divorce is not that bad in the end. Saved me from stress and anxiety. Robin from the support team is the best

Cyprian H.

Best online divorce service, much thanks! All my worries were gone after I started filling in the questionnaire. There were hints everywhere and this made it all clear.

Milena J.

Was very skeptical about obtaining cheap divorce papers online. The price is VERY low if compared to what I would’ve paid for hiring a solicitor. Thankfully I gave it a go and received all documents. AND they were filled out correctly. Online divorces are a great option I would recommend to everyone going to get the legal breakup.